This photographer did a “hard princess” photo shoot to show women they do not have to pick out among strong and feminine


We’ve come to a protracted manner in shattering gender stereotypes in recent years—but sadly, we still have some distance to move. All too often we see gendered toys in toy shops, T-shirts that sell strict “masculine/female” dichotomies, and messaging that encourages women to suit into absurdly specific boxes so as to experience cherished and widespread. Heather Mitchell, an Alabama-primarily based photographer (and mother to 2 daughters) is over it. She instructed BoredPanda that she grew pissed off after a fellow mom referred to that her daughter wasn’t an athlete due to the fact she’s a “girly woman.”
“I could not sleep that night. All I should suppose become, ‘Why does she must choose?'”
Mitchell decided to venture gender stereotypes by developing an image collection showing girls dressed in princess tiaras and make-up who pose with baseball bats, basketballs, and soccer cleats. She stated she hopes that “every little lady that sees this collection can see that there is no container,” adding, “Whatever their dreams are, they are able to gain them.”
When she published them to her Facebook page, the pix went viral, getting lots of likes, stocks, and remarks. She says the initial picture shoot sold out, and she has plans to continue the collection.

On breaking down those gender stereotypes, Mitchell informed TODAY, “Our daughters do not must select. My dad and mom taught me that I may be something I wanted developing up. I didn’t understand till I changed into lots older that everyone is not that blessed.”
We’re so inspired with the aid of those lovely photographs and—most significantly—the message at the back of them. We simply want those images had been around when we have been kids.
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