My First Time: Boston Red Sox Photographer Billie Weiss on Shooting His First Major League Baseball Game


The primary Major League Baseball sport Billie Weiss photographed was the 2009 season opener between the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees. His first mission turned into positioning himself high above the domestic plate to shoot the gamers of each group coated up for the National Anthem.

My First Time: Boston Red Sox Photographer Billie Weiss on Shooting His First Major League Baseball Game 1

Billie Weiss has labored his manner from a 2012 summertime internship with the Boston Red Sox to his present-day role as the group’s images manager. He landed his first Major League Baseball internship with the Baltimore Orioles in 2009, even as a pupil at Goucher College. He had been shooting sports activities for the scholar newspaper and the school’s athletic department. During his internship, he quickly learned, “I didn’t realize how to shoot motion,” he says. “I become just taking pictures of anything befell before me.” (See “Q&A: Billie Weiss, Manager of Photography for the Boston Red Sox” on PDNOnline to learn more about his career as a sports activities photographer and how he hires and grooms image interns.)
Weiss recounts the primary time he shot a professional baseball (generic term), which changed into the 2009 Opening Day game between the Orioles and the New York Yankees.

“I recollect walking through the clubhouse with [Orioles team photographer] Todd Olszewski, and all the players are getting equipped: Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, and Brian Jones… I grew up in Baltimore, gambling on baseball and watching the Orioles. So the primary time walking via the clubhouse became surreal for me. And that changed into the moment I became like: ‘OK, this is what I want to do. I can see myself having a profession doing this.’

“Once we got out on the sector, I had to get the general shot of the stadium from high [above] home [plate], with the entire stadium and all the gamers coated up for the National Anthem. And then I was down in the 0.33 base photograph pit. Todd told me to fear shooting photographs and not fear approximately something else. So that’s what I did the complete game. I do not forget walking to the pit and stating [to Todd], ‘Do you’ve any recommendations? Anything I must do?’ And Todd says, ‘Just don’t fuck it up.’ I became like, ‘All right!’ So he threw me proper into it, [saying]: ‘Just see what takes place. Throw yourself in there and discern it out your self.’

It was the first time I had used a 400mm f2.8 lens, and I remember looking at the backgrounds [through the 400 2.8] and seeing the stunning bokeh. I began taking pictures with something Canon Digicam and became the top of the line then. It becomes like, Wow, this is what specialists use! I don’t virtually don’t forget something approximately who received or who lost the sport. I consider more of the mystique of being down in the picture pit at an area stage, using these expert tools for the first time. It turned into a remarkable experience. I’ll in no way overlook it.

Later that week, of direction, we went again and went through all of the paintings. The evaluations [with Olszewski] began. My exposures were all off; my shutter was all off. I wager I interview well. The youngsters who come in now realize all that stuff already! It took me an excellent while—likely a month or into that internship- to get any form of pix that worked. [But at that opening game] I got the high domestic shot. I didn’t screw that one up! I became 18 or 19 years vintage. It becomes sort of a dream come proper, being from Baltimore, a sports activities fan, and, on time, a younger photographer.

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