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‘I’ll combat anyone. I want to KO women!’: ‘World’s sexiest fighter’ eyes boxing international name


The model grew to become a boxer. Avril Mathie takes the trendy step on her adventure to a world to identify this weekend. Here, she talks to RT Sport about getting kicked out of home elderly 15, adrenaline, entertainment, and balancing boxing with bikinis.
The long and unforgiving street to turning into an international champion boxer often starts with nothing but a dream. Or, to paraphrase Mike Tyson’s mentor Cus D’Amato “the spark of a dream, that is then fed into a flame, which becomes a roaring blaze.”

Champions make the most of that white-warm desire to chase that dream, regardless if it wrenches them from their roots and deprives them of social existence and their senses. All that matters is their goal, glory, and greatness, carried out with grinding hours pounding the street and the punchbag and taking hours of bruising beatings.

But why might everyone need to try this while you get paid to laze on a beach all day and version bikinis in the solar?

Meet Avril Mathie. A lovely brunette who swapped the glitz and glamour of the catwalk for the blood, sweat, and tears of the boxing ring – and they don’t regret an element.

Her story starts offevolved in the scorching placing her native Queensland, Australia, possibly the right place to harbor the spark that has now emerged as that roaring blaze.

After being kicked out of domestic as a teen, which she calls a “big self-belief message,” the lovely bruiser has made her call juggling health, preventing, and modeling.

Since upping sticks and traveling 10,000 miles globally to Miami, Florida, Mathie has clinched the 2014 Miss Swimsuit USA International title and prevailed the 2015 Las Vegas International Model Search.

Now she’s set her points of interest on winning titles within the ring, turning professional in 2018 and prevailing in her first fights through 1st spherical KO, before contentiously drawing her last bout for the American Boxing Federation Continental Americas woman bantamweight belt and signing to international-famed promotional business enterprise MTK Global, taking her first steps on the road to that dream of a world name.

RT Sport chatted with 31-yr-vintage ongoing from beach bum to boxing babe, her upcoming combat, swapping catwalks for ring walks, and turning into “the maximum interesting girl boxer of all time” as she gears as much as tackle Delaney Owen at the University of South Florida this Saturday.

I have to ask you – why did you give up modeling swimsuits for purchasing punched within the face?

I’m genuinely still modeling swimsuits! It’s an ardor of mine, and it didn’t forestall! Many of my modeling jobs now surely tie into boxing, like many of the fitness shoots I do more of now. The other day, I was doing a shoot wherein they asked me to convey my boxing gear down, so the two careers supplement every different properly, particularly now that my non-public emblem is also growing.

Have you ever turned up to a shoot with a black eye?

I’ve never, er, had awful harm inside the ring. But if you see, after my remaining fight, I turned headbutted seven times – all accidentally because she became shorter than me – my face was a large number.

You gained the Miss Swimsuit USA International identity. How tons would it mean to win an international name in boxing?

It’s my aim, where I’m going, and what I stay for. I love boxing because while you-you obtain something, it’s thrilling. After all, you see something you placed your whole life into coming into existence. It’s the next step.

A lot of humans don’t know your story. You have been kicked out of your home aged 15. Did it have something to do with getting into boxing?

Getting into boxing was nothing to do with getting kicked out of home at 15. My getting kicked out of the house turned into a vast self-notion and moral message. My parents didn’t believe in me, and I did. I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew I couldn’t just survive and thrive.

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