THIS Makeup Vlogger Totally Transformed Into Kylie Jenner’s Daughter! WATCH!


The U.K.-based totally YouTube big name — born Elliot Joseph Rentz — used a gaggle of different merchandise to capture the essence of the one-yr-vintage!

After the video went viral, enthusiasts had been each inspired… and disturbed!
Some even joked that this changed into Kylie’s ex-BFF, Jordyn Woods, trying to disguise herself to get returned into the makeup mogul’s residence!

“I watched this while absolutely baked, and allow me just say it’s just as surreal and scary when I’m sober.”
“There’s a point inside the video in which it will become a child setting on makeup, and I CANNOT.”
“This is disturbing…however, in an interesting manner.”
“rattling Jordyn Woods will strive anything to get into that rattling residence.”
“what the— this is effortlessly one of the most proficient but horrifying makeup looks I’ve ever visible.”
“As weird and lowkey creepy as this is, it’s also pretty astonishing how make-up may be used to do stuff like this”

“I love doing her hair. I’m no longer the exception, but I love getting to know. Some of my favorite recollections are of my mom doing my hair. I can’t wait until [Stormi’s] hair is lengthy enough to all fit inside the pony. Gotta make it work for now.”

After the clip went viral, Internet users praised Jenner for making an effort to deal with her daughter’s locks.
“I’m very happy with @kyliejenner mastering the way to do her mixed-race Daughter Stormi’s hair! It grinds my gears after I see combined infants with their hair no longer completed nicely. If you have a baby with kinky or curly hair, please research the fundamentals to keep it properly. ”
“You know what, I deliver her credit score for definitely gaining knowledge of the way to do her daughter’s hair. Hold it [email protected]

“Watching Kylie detangle and moisturize baby Stormi’s hair and then laying out her edges. That shit turned into so lovable. I absolutely revel in looking at her as a mom.”
“I truly applaud any non-black mother who takes the time to discover ways to do their half of black daughter’s hair. It’s plenty higher than seeing women come out toddlers by way of black men to say they have got a blended child but no longer, in reality, discover ways to do their hair.”
“I help. The majority of Caucasian moms don’t even try to do their black youngsters’ hair. They take them to African/Black hair stores, allow the dad’s circle of relatives to do their youngsters’ hair, or don’t even touch it in any respect. & she’s a celebrity, so that you’d expect her to do whatever no longer. Good for her.”
“Miss Kylie Jenner had an edge brush at the same time as she became doing Stormi’s hair. I appreciate the increase, sis.”

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