The three Best three-in-1 Makeup Sticks of the Million I’ve Tried


About a year ago, I wrote approximately my adoration of Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick in the coloration Formentera. I nonetheless use my Beach Stick near-continuously; the bitten, berry color, the handy stick packaging, and the convenience of making use of the blendable formulation to my lips, cheeks, and eyelids all make certain the product’s all the time-placement in my make-up bag. Since discovering CT’s Formentera, I have emerged as something of a multi-stack connoisseur. They’re convenient, sure, however, I additionally love how they invent a pretty, cohesive make-up coloration story, my favorite daily appearance. But no longer all multi sticks, I’ve observed, are created equal: each brand has its very own packaging, components, and pigmentation. Now, due to the fact I’ve gathered such a lot of, I attain for a distinctive multi-stick product relying on my day’s occasions (fancy or no longer fancy), and the mood my pores and skin is in that day (dry or hydrated). Below, my three all-time preferred cruelty-unfastened, vegan multi sticks, and what they do great.

I first discovered approximately Bite Beauty’s multi-stick from my make-up-artist pal Shayna Goldberg. She advised me that the product creates the most beautiful, natural flush, and additionally has a completely powdery finish. I don’t reach for this product on days when my pores and skin is extremely dry and parched, however it has grown to be my absolute move-to for warm, sweaty days (summer is coming, you guys, and this product could be your quality buddy), or after I have a very long day and I know I received to be able to without difficulty retouch, due to the fact this multi-stick truly does now not budge once carried out (that’s why Shayna mainly loves it for lengthy shoot days). Seriously: If I put this on my lids, cheeks, and lips inside the morning when I get home that evening, I discover it right wherein I left it. The packaging of this product is likewise fantastic — it’s small however powerful (a touch is going a long way), and has a magnetic cap so it’ll by no means go rogue to your makeup bag. I actually have preferred shades of this product: Mochi, a deep crimson for growing that beachy, hot flush, and Papaya, a coral rose for when I want a younger, spring look.

On days while my pores and skin are dry and unforgiving, I can expect my Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek to offer a few lifestyles lower back to my pores and skin. The product is infused with avocado oil, peach nectar, and mango butter, growing this adorable, nourishing, waxy formula that melts into your skin and gained’t cake or clings to any dry patches. The product is quite sheer but buildable, that’s wonderful for days when you need that barely-there, no-make-up-make-up flush. The packaging of this multi-stick is a touch on the bigger side, so whilst it gained’t necessarily free up as a lot of space for your make-up bag as the others in this list, it’s exceptionally easy and quick to apply: one swipe on the cheeks and lips and you’re out the door, looking dewy. I even have this product within the coloration Quickie, a lovable berry hue — it’s been, my wintry weather savior.


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