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Do Kylie Jenner’s Makeup-Free Selfies Point To A Skin-Care Line?


Kylie Jenner is good at retaining secrets. Let’s not forget she kept her pregnancy beneath wraps for a complete nine months; that is mainly superb when you keep in mind that her own family airs their non-public lives on truth tv. But these days, the make-up rich person’s secretive fashion has been defective. She’s been dropping recommendations left and proper about a probable skin-care release. From plenty of make-up-loose selfies to Instagram Story teasers, let’s examine these types of clues Jenner is leaving in the back of.

It all began with a hallmark. Last September, Kylie Cosmetics registered three emblems under the USA Patent and Trademark Office, with the applications being for “Kylie Skin” and “Kylie Skin via Kylie Jenner.” According to the submitting, those manufacturers might sell goods like moisturizers, scrubs, serums, masks, and so on. The 0.33 filing was also for “Kylie Skin,” however for pop-up shops, which Jenner has executed earlier than for her cosmetics series.

Since then, it has been quite hushing regarding this mysterious skin-care line. However, Jenner has been posting a lot greater make-up-free selfies than standard over the last few months. Could this be a sneaky manner of teasing the pores and skin-care merchandise? Or maybe she’s solidifying herself as #skingoals to make the release marketable? Either manner, it’s a move momager Kris Jenner would completely approve of.

Her sister Khloé Kardashian additionally let it slip last week that Kylie’s skin-care line is coming. When trying Kylie’s new putting spray, which technically falls beneath the Kylie Cosmetics label, Khloé informed her Instagram fans, “I’m so excited for Kylie’s skin-care line, you guys.” Hmm. Was it only a misunderstanding, or is there something greater?

To pinnacle all of it off, this week, Kylie took to Instagram Stories to talk approximately about her upcoming venture and reveal that it’s coming earlier than we suppose. “It’s been almost 12 months due to the fact I began operating on it. I just cannot wait to percentage with you guys because it’s around the nook,” she says earlier than clarifying that it is not makeup-associated. “This task is absolutely to break free Kylie Cosmetics. I cannot wait to sooner or later the proportion of my new infant. Now, I actually have three youngsters: Stormi, Kylie Cosmetics, and my new assignment.” And the same day, she posted any other makeup-free picture in her feed.

Something is, without a doubt taking place over at the Kylie empire. We guess that the release of Kylie Skin is forthcoming. And if Kylie’s taking everything she found out even as developing Kylie Cosmetics to this new assignment, the emblem is already on its manner to being a primary fulfillment. And with yet any other profits circulation, the youngest self-made billionaire can probably beat Jeff Bezos to the trillionaire mark.

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