I’m Obsessed With Having Killer Eyebrows and These Are the Products I Swear By


I consider my eyebrows plenty, maybe more than someone needs to. How they develop, the next time I should get them waxed, and which products to use daily are just a small sampling of my everyday internal forehead talk. I have some sparse regions in each eyebrow. Because of my imagination and curiosity about my brows, I tend to feel a bit insecure once they don’t look right. Filling in my brows is my favorite, a part of my whole make-up recurring. Even if I don’t plan on sporting any make-up in any respect, I individually don’t sense complete until they’re stuffed in.

The most common eyebrow concerns - Brow grooming and make-up tips

Heck, they body the face!

As you could inform, I take my brow recurring critically; that’s why I’ve attempted pretty much each brow product at Sephora, Ulta, and any drugstore within a ten-mile radius of my rental. I transfer up what I use on my loved brows, relying on my temper, sports, and occasionally even the climate (you’d be surprised at the staying power of a pomade vs. A pencil at the seaside).

I like to consult myself as an undercover expert because I’ve mastered the art of concealing the subject of my eyebrows (call me the Arya Stark of brows). Keep analyzing to get the interior scoop on a number of my preferred merchandise to get the hairy brow appearance, even if my real eyebrow hair looks sparse at the quality. All products featured on SELF are independently selected via our editors. We may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through our retail links.

I love using a pencil for a fast fill when I haven’t any time to obsess over my brows.
A pencil is probably the forehead product I use most customarily because I tend to do my makeup on my commute to the workplace daily, and this device makes things tremendously clean. All it takes to shape and fill in my brows are a few swipes of a spoolie to transport my hair into place, observed with some hair-like strokes of the pencil, and I’m accurate to head.

One of my preferred factors in using an eyebrow pencil is how natural my brows look afterward. Since my merchandise is commonly a coloration lighter than my actual brow hair, I can fill them in without my brows searching too heavily (plus, I make a factor to attract every stroke with a light hand).
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A water-proof forehead pomade is on hand for seaside days or intense workouts.
For days when I have a little more time to craft the ideal forehead, I love using an angled brush and pomade—mainly after I recognize I’ll be around the water of some kind. Since pomade tends to be a piece extra pigmented than different kinds of eyebrow products, it stays on after I dive headfirst into the sea while sweat drips down my forehead at hot yoga. These masterful brows aren’t going anywhere.

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