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From Uber cabs to uber pores and skin: how Navneet Kaur desires to make your skin care habitual ‘Yours’


We’ve all craved that perfect skin, trying out a umpteen variety of skincare products and following numerous skincare exercises – all in our quest for that sparkling, unblemished look. But even those folks who’ve by no means cared too much for a skincare habitual have discovered it a chore to locate the right mix of products and routine for our pores and skin. In reality, if there’s one element we’ve learned, it’s that, on the subject of skincare, one length does no longer matches all. Personalized skincare solutions do.

Enter Yours, a customized skincare solutions startup that gives users a personalized skincare regime to observe primarily based on person inputs approximately their skin on the Yours website. Singapore-primarily based Yours changed into founded by using a former government at journey-hailing employer Uber, Navneet Kaur, who knows only too properly the skincare woes many faces.
Speaking approximately the ‘hit and trial’ manner most people go through when selecting skincare merchandise, Navneet Kaur says,

In truth, Navneet got here up with the idea to start Yours while on the quest to find the right merchandise for her husband. At the time, he turned into dealing with pores and skin issues because of worrying about journey schedules, loss of sleep, pollutants, and strain.

“It took us each a while to connect the dots among his lifestyle and pores and skin troubles. The months of studies that I went through to sooner or later land on the goods that labored for him. While we have been in this quest of locating the ‘proper’ products for him, we realized that we were direct to something,” she says.
During this time, Navneet became a normal company task as Head of Strategy and Operations for APAC at bicycle-sharing business enterprise OFO. But Navneet, who also had four years of enjoying scaling Uber in Asia, turned into no stranger to the skincare enterprise, having spent the early years of her career as an emblem manager at ITC. So, skincare had continually been at the pinnacle of her thoughts, and they were excited to begin in this direction.

Once Navneet regarded the opportunity for customized skincare usage of generation, she determined to paintings with skin professionals to find a first-class solution. This concerned traveling across 8 international locations for three months and meeting 63 labs/producers to paintings on product formulations, earlier than eventually finding the right accomplice, all of the way over in Switzerland.

“I eventually determined the proper associate lab in Switzerland, which shared my imagination and prescient of progressive product formulations in step with clean beauty and environmental sustainability. I worked drastically with skin specialists in Switzerland to decode the maximum crucial skin, lifestyle, and environmental elements that impact our skin health,” she says.

All through this time, Navneet acquired an ‘unconditional guide’ from her husband and angel investors, who she credits with helping her lay a robust foundation for the agency.
“Getting the right investors on board is essential to the fulfillment of a commercial enterprise. I selected to raise cash from angels who carry in a wealth of knowledge and enjoy. Moreover, I even have worked with most of my angel investors at some unspecified time in the future in my career, and we proportion a far deeper operating courting than simply this assignment. It’s their guidance and support that continues to reinforce our imagination and prescient for this brand,” says Navneet.
Today, Yours offers personalized skincare primarily based on the person’s pores and skin, lifestyle, and surroundings.

“We take the guesswork out of skincare and simplify it for everybody. The merchandise mechanically regulates in keeping with the converting pores and skin wishes and the converting climate situations. So, all you have to do is take an online skin assessment, add a selfie, and leave the rest to us,” she says.

Apart from the ‘customized’ nature of its supplying, Navneet says. Yours differentiates itself from others in the market with its modern R&D and technology, pure natural ingredients from the Swiss Alps, stringent high-quality protection and efficacy assessments, and transparency of the entire supply chain of elements. Navneet even visits the mountains from where the natural components are sourced.

But these differentiators aside, Navneet is putting her points of interest on turning the direct-to-consumer brand to a subscription-based sales version, with an improved range of skincare merchandise, including cleansers, masks, and toners.

In the end, the destiny of Yours’ offerings will stay geared in the direction of presenting personalized solutions primarily based on person wishes, says Navneet. She provides, “We have diagnosed the ache points from our actual customers to apprehend their evolving desires, and we can work closely with them for product co-introduction as we grow.”

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