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Color Wow’s New Dream Filter Saved My Blonde Hair From Shower Water


I’m conscious that difficult water can darken or warp your hair color. I also realize that the minerals and metals in this water can build your hair, making it sense stiff and hard and look pretty stupid. But, up till some days in the past, those facts have not truly intended something for me because I do not suppose I had ever skilled the alternative. I got here to the revelation that I’ve unknowingly lived my complete life with hair that has been

warped through tough water only a few days ago after testing out Color Wow’s new Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover. This remedy is designed to act as a magnet, attracting and extracting the minerals and metals in your water that mess with your hair. To cut to the chase, it works, and even as it without a doubt brightened my dirty blonde hair, it made my hair sense lighter and cleaner than ever before.

Color Wow’s New Dream Filter Saved My Blonde Hair From Shower Water 1

The $24 spray is supposed to be carried out to dry hair before shampooing. After the hair is thoroughly saturated, permit the remedy to take a seat on the hair for 1-three minutes. Then, you observe shampoo, lather, rinse, and condition. After my hair turned blow-dried, I was astonished by way of how weightless my hair felt. It was easy without being squeaky, stripped, or dry. My hair becomes silky!

It felt like a coating on my hair for 27+ years had been eliminated. While I became maximum inspired by my hair’s manner, it also did wonders for my unnatural grimy blonde hair coloration. Because I’m a brunette, I battle with brassiness. This remedy removed the discolored tint that turned into taking over my base shade and brightened up my lighter blonde highlights. It appeared as if I had just left the salon with a gloss. You can use the remedy daily, but if you use it as soon as per week, as I plan on doing, you’ll still get outcomes. Hard water has entirely new, which means to me. Thankfully, now I recognize how to cope with it.

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