Modelling and Glamour

Grace Chng and daughter Coco are the first in Singapore to model Cartier archival pieces


Fashion and style come evidently to Grace Chng. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she modeled from a young age. Her mentor Grace Yu became one of the first Asian fashions who labored drastically in Paris for Givenchy and Dior’s in-residence model. Grace transitioned to being a model teacher when she reached her mid-20s.

With an awful lot of pride, she exhibits that she had trained four 000 modeling students inside the beyond. Certainly, one of whom changed into version-turned-actress Kathy Chow.

“Unlike today, models then had been now not well-known. However, we were seen everywhere. I might not be as tall as worldwide ladies. However, I did land several jobs for both catwalk and images. I love being at the catwalk ason becoming an extraordinary man or woman; it’s like a spirit has taken over me. With every outfit, I change the individual. I love Anita Mui a lot – she constantly modified and reinvented herself! Strangely enough, even though I don’t even revel in being photographed now!” she says with fun.

Grace Chng and daughter Coco are the first in Singapore to model Cartier archival pieces 1

Thrusting into the glamorous fashion international at a smooth age; Grace learned e,rly that everyone is not what it seems; the glitz and glamour are simplest the veneer to blind the naive. Using her avenue smarts to navigate the murky global modeling, she labored hard. She stored enough to open a small fashion boutique in the basement New World Hotel in Hong Kong. Although she closed it then when she was given married to a Singaporean and relocated, the mom-of- – her daughter Coco is nineteen even as her son Marco is sixteen – shares that she enjoyed the freedom that setting her timetable gave her and “had so much a laugh being my boss.”

Talking about her daughter brings a radiant smile to her face. Given that Coco has an enviable willowy figure like her mum’s, you will think that she would have done some modeling as nicely. “She has the capacity,” says Grace, “and I had recommended her to present it a strive. Not as a profession however greater as revel in, however it doesn’t hobby her.”

While Coco is privy to her mom’s glamorous beyond as considered one of Hong Kong’s pinnacle models of her generation, she has no desire to follow in her footsteps, who prefer to prand psychology as an alternative. “I’ve never modeled before, and there are times while my mum woulwhenstion me if I want to,” she stocks. “But I guess I’m now not eager on it. If an opportunity comes along, I wouldn’t mind, but if it doesn’t, then I’m very well too.

I’ve been all for human behavior and interaction since I changed into a became question how human beings method things, the processes they use, and the feelings they feel… so I wager psychology is pretty in line was times this. It would be at the least five or years before I graduate and end up an expert becomelogist. I need to paintings with chpaintmeday, maybe as a toddler psychologist or a kindergarten instructor possibly? I’m no longer pretty certain, but. I’ll see where the Lord leads me.”

“I’ve been considering human behavior and interplay on account that Isinceike to question how humans technique humans, the phrases they use, and the emotions they experience… so I wager psychology is pretty in keeping with my pursuits.
Both Grace and Coco are firmly entrenched in the teaching of Christ. “I’ve been a Christian because younger and was blessed via Jesus for many years,” Grace shares. “My existence revolves around my family, and my bible has a look at the group.”

The devout Christian became part of a fellowship group in Hong Kong (Home of Artistes) and began her own while moving to Singapore.

The group in HongShe explains that theng, she explains, cs from the entertainment industry. “As public figures, there’s a robust want for privateness and protection in the institution, and the fellowship lets in us to percent with peace of mind, comfortable in the expertise that our tales are not sold to the tabloids. That certainly inspired one of my own when I moved to Singapore. I became not acquainted with the enterprise right here, so it started with some society ladies; there are now over 20 members, although a few have left the country. We simply celebratedllowship’s 12th anniversary.”

While Grace opens up to like-minded ladies in her fellowship, Coco lots prefer to communiprefersith Christ on a grander single stage: through a magazine to the Lord – an exercise that began when she becomes about sixwas my way of speaking with Him,” she says. “I write my day-to-day studies and rants and anything. It’s like maintaining a diary, except I dedicate concept to the Lord because I recognize He cares for me even within the littlest matters. And evaluating my entries from lengthy in the past, my contemporary entries are filled with extra thankfulness. I suppose journalling, particularly to the Lord, has made me extra aware of the little blessings in my life. The Lord offers me energy every day!”

Heart-to-heart discussions on their faith can remain overdue into the night, but besides bonding ovbesidesist, the pair additionally like to save collectively. Coco, it seems, isn’t only a mini-the image of Grace in phrases of appears; she has also inherited her mom’s feeling of favor and her loan and jewelry.

With her modeling history, Grace can bring off any style. Sexy test. Classic, test. Elegant, ake a look at. Funky, check. S ithe owns her look and continuafaceprovides declaration jewelry to give her ensemble that pop. “My fashion usually changes; I love an alternative. I love long hair; I love short hair. I love unique colorings. I can not stick to one fashion,” she admits. “Coco appreciates my style, but she’s more casual – American informal. She’ll, on occasion, borrow some portions from my wardrobe.”

“I love being at the catwalk; I turn into a unique man or woman; it’s like a spirit has taken over me. With each outfit, I alternate characters. “Grace Chng
Cocoa provides: “My mum used to design some of her clothes too, which I think is quite cool because I can ever provide you with a design from scratch! Our fashion sense is pretty extraordinary – she’s older than I am – but we will agree on what appears appropriate and what doesn’t. I don’t virtually have a fixed fashion, according to see; I may be obsessed with plaid pants and the entirety ’70s one day, and monochrome the following. I assume my style is still evolving. That’s first-rate because I get to mess around with everything. Plus, my mum’s dresser is continuously open to me!”

All That Glitters

Jewellery-clever, Grace feels an affinity with Cartier. She shares that her first birthday present to her then-boyfriend and now-husband, Ben, became a Cartier watch. “Subsequently, he nicely talented me with one for my birthday,” she says. “It was like our fthe first’ relationship present’, so Cartier did something to us. After we were given married, Cartier became symbolic in our own family. We additionally love its designs, which are precise and iconic; they grow to be classics. On the mirrored image, my love affair with Cartier dates back more than 22 years!”

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