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Hermon Alem usually knew that she desired to open up a boutique. “I have usually had the idea inside the back of my head at the same time as residing in Los Angeles; however, in no way took the bounce to make it manifest,” she defined. So, while she moved from the City of Angels to Colorado, Hermon revisited that idea. She had a tough time finding stores that promoted the fashion she was conversant in L.A. — brand new and style-forward — and felt there had been similar women who were no longer being served. With that aim in thought, Hermon opened up her boutique, Elevate Fashion & Lifestyle, a contemporary boutique in Aurora that caters to girls who love modern-day, horny, amusing pieces and, most importantly, like to face out. We sat with Hermon to find out more about her new boutique, which will open this weekend formally.


303 Magazine: Growing up, did you always have a hobby to work in style?

Hermon Alem: Yes, I have consistently loved clothes and fashion. When I was given the age where I could store for myself, purchasing became my preferred interest. Finding unique pieces and a fantastic deal was part of the adventure. It was not until later that I determined I might make fashion my career.

303: What, especially approximately the retail element of the enterprise, called to you?

HA: I lived near the Fashion District in Los Angeles, which uncovered me to the fashion enterprise. I became intrigued by the factories and showrooms with garments offered to national boutiques, where the seed turned into planted to open a store.

303: What is your vision and factor of view for your boutique?

HA: I envision Elevate being a go-to keep for fun and sexy pieces that aren’t observed at other shops in Denver. Also, I would like it to evolve into a place where nearby designers — especially ladies — may be spotlighted.

303: Where do you buy your clothes? And what inspires you while you are deciding on manufacturers?

HA: I buy from exchange suggests in New York and Las Vegas and the showrooms in L.A. When choosing portions to sell at the shop, I think about the form of girls or ladies I see carrying the piece in unique settings, whether it’s nighttime out or a Sunday brunch. Something to make her experience precise and stand out.

303: If you could go lower back and inform yourself of one component before starting your profession, what wouldn’t it be?

HA: I would tell myself to stick to my gut — have a clear vision and not stray from it now.

303: Who is your cross-to-fashion icon?

HA: It is a combination between Solange and Rihanna.

303: How could you say virtual marketing and social media influence your boutique?

HA: Digital advertising and social media are massive parts of any enterprise. It is how you speak in your target market. Consumers are extra than, in all likelihood, introduced to your brand/store through social media. As a brand new save, I sense it’s miles my first impression. I no longer use social media strictly. However, I am fast learning its importance for my shop and emblem.

303: What are your impacts while purchasing for your boutique?

HA: When making purchases for the shop, I am motivated a lot using superstar fashion — as I stated, Rihanna, Solange — and there’s no escaping Kim K. I also comply with and get the idea to shape Instagram influencers/entrepreneurs like Kahlana Barfield, Nichole Lynel and Ishateria. All those women make trends or take a direction and position their spin on it. I need girls to do that with the pieces in my store.

303: What challenges or setbacks have you got skilled, and how did you conquer them?

HA: As a new shop owner, I needed to learn to delegate and ask for help rather than seek to do everything.

303: Why must people be drawn to keep at Elevate?

HA: People ought to be drawn to shop at Elevate if they’re inside the temper for something new, clean, and a laugh.

303: Who is the Elevate Fashion Boutique Customer?

HA: The Elevate client is any girl who desires to be adventurous with her apparel and loves to stand out.

303: What factors of your past do you feel helped you end up a successful businesswoman?

HA: Managing my figure’s liquor shops taught me the maximum about walking business and gave me the self-assurance to open my clothing store. I worked for a brokerage firm for many years; however, running a small enterprise gave me sensible talents for my current work.

303: What changed into your most severe rookie mistake while just beginning out?

HA: My biggest mistake was no longer pushing my social media presence earlier than the shop opened. As I point out, social media performs one of these central positions within the fulfillment of a commercial enterprise.

303: What are a number of your pointers and hints for placing an outfit collectively on a busy morning?

HA: If I am brief on time, I remix an outfit I recognize I like. Change the pinnacle or footwear and create a brand-new exquisite business.

303: What recommendation could you provide to young women hoping to comply with your footsteps in the future? Where do they even begin?

HA: I would advocate running for or shadowing someone with your desired activity or position. Learn the ins and outs of the business and get the total expertise before beginning your commerce al enterprise.

303: What are you looking ahead to in the year to return together with your new challenge? What desires do you’ve got for your enterprise?

HA: I look ahead to developing into a shop that girls like to go to, intending to inspire them to try new matters with their fashion and, most importantly, love how they look.

Elevate Fashion & Lifestyle’s grand opening birthday party is this Saturday, March 2, from four to eight p.M. The boutique is located at 12203 E. Iliff Ave., Aurora.

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