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Celebrating diversity via fashion


Sonia Sadiq Gandhi is the force behind Fashions of Multicultural Australia (FOMA), a country-wide initiative supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australia-Korea Foundation.

The event aims to foster social cohesion and support bilateral trade among collaborating countries through style and cultural diplomacy.

A free daylight exhibition and runway in Sydney will exhibit 30 distinct cultures that make up Australia.

People can also wear traditional clothing and taste food from around the world.

Ms. Sadiq Gandhi stated it’s an immersive enjoyment.

“I suggest learning how to wear a sari, a 5.5-meter material, or going to the Korean stall and mastering how to wear a hanbok,” Ms. Gandhi said.

It permits human interaction immediately with local and emerging designers and Foreign Embassies, together with South Korea, Russia, and India – to call a few.

Katya Komarova is a Russian style dressmaker living in Australia and is one among 15 designers taking part in the fashion parade on Friday.

On the runway, the Russian Federation Embassy invited her to symbolize her home united states of America,.

“To surely display a much broader target audience what we are truly doing here as immigrants and new people of the fashion community is simply super,” Ms. Komarova said.

“I experience very supported as an immigrant.”

Her portions are a present-day tackle of her Russian historical past.

Fashion designer Anjilla Seddeqi represents Afghanistan on the FOMA showcase and the runway.

She specializes in the layout of bespoke portions.

“It represents the way of life and the traditions. I have usually worn all through celebratory instances in Afghanistan, at some stage in a marriage, at some stage in an Eid celebration, and situations like that.

Ms. Seddeqi moved to Australia when she was seven years old because she embraced her identification as an Afghan Australian – mainly through style.

It’s satisfactory to have that representation so women who look like me can see this and say appearance is what I can obtain if I set my thoughts to it.

Academic and feminist Susan Carland supports the clothier’s self-titled label.

“She acquired numerous wonderful remarks, so that’s first-class to look as properly.”

FOMA founder Sonia Sadiq Gandhi stated range would not prevent at the layout degree.

“Our fashions are strolling speak me variety too.

Celebrating diversity via fashion 1

“We have models over age 50 on the runway display, we have a Paralympic winner who is on foot with a prosthetic leg, and this is the sort of stereotype we want to break.

“Breaking down the stereotype of what you put on is wherein you return from, which makes the exhibition and display such an essential possibility to mirror on the models of the sector and help expand a public appreciation for unique cultures.”

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