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Why Do People Prefer Black Clothing Rather Than Other Colors?


This is interesting. As a black enthusiast, I can say nothing other than, of course, people with a working vision and half the required brain cells would prefer to wear the color black. Because how could you not? But that would make this a severely short article and heavily biased.

Before we delve into the psychology behind humans across the globe siding with black from time immemorial, a quick, interesting fact is that black isn’t even a color. Black is considered the absence of color: does that not sound poetic?

Black is a color resulting from visible light’s absence or complete absorption. This beautiful color is considered to be an achromatic color. This essentially refers to black not being tinted or does not contain any hue, such as white and gray. It is often used symbolically or figuratively to represent darkness. Isn’t that enough reason to love and embrace black?

Black Cloth


The Psychology Behind Gravitating Towards Black

There are only two ways that black is perceived with extreme appeal or dire hatred. There’s no in-between. Black has been a popular outfit choice for thousands of years, with the fashion evolving to adapt to the color’s significant presence in everyone’s lives.

It isn’t easy to perceive a single color out of the sixteen point nine million colors in existence. That is a lot of colors, and I got overwhelmed looking at the color wheel in seventh-grade art class. However, black manages to ingrain themselves into the minds of everyone alive. People either move towards or away from black.

This could be because black has always been associated with power. The sleek elegance and simplicity this color oozes have always had humans scrambling to black shirts, men and women in equal measures.

The aisles with the tags black shirt for men and black shirt for women is one of the fastest-selling products. Even a simple black tee is enough to capture attention if worn immediately. Of course, you can manage to attract attention if you wear it the wrong way.

Black is suitable in professional, casual, and party contexts, appealing to people based on its wide versatility. It is also commonly believed that black is one of those colors or non-color with a stellar ability to accentuate or slim down one’s figure. This has something to do with physics, the refraction of light.

Furthermore, black has two contradictory perceptions. While black is a significant color worn in funerals to indicate mourning, it is common to see black at weddings, a time for celebration.

While little black dresses would forever be considered sexy, a black suit symbolizes utmost professionalism. In contrast, the black shirt men wear with a few buttons undone during a dinner party again reverts to appealing.

The color black is also associated with power. As well as simplicity, with nuns choosing to wear black. It can soothe as well as be enticing.

This complex construct of images woven by black has men scrambling to buy any item of clothing in black, be it a black button-up, a black and white flannel shirt (classic boy next door in the suburbs look), a black long-sleeved shirt that looks gorgeous on men with enough biceps and sleek on women, and everything else you can imagine in between.

It is not uncommon to see several teenagers choose to wear black during their transition from childhood to adulthood and the horrible in-between. Every high school sees kids in black and white striped shirts (a classic), black t-shirts in every size, shape, and design, and plain black t-shirts. Now the last one you cannot beat.

Perceived Personality Traits of Those Who Love Black

The Psychology Behind Wearing Black Clothing - C Color

People who prefer the color black are often found to be confident.

Although, the catch in their visibly shuttered persona could also be due to their high sensitivity.

People like black could also harbor a rebellious streak, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, and are often found not to accept authority at its face value.

They like feeling powerful and influential. Which, really, who doesn’t?

They are also found to take time to get close to people.

Black was one of the first colors used in art. This color holds different meanings to different people. If you own love black, go ahead and buy that black shirt you have been pining after. But at the end of the day, if you want to pair that black and white shirt in your closet with green pants, it is your choice, albeit a color-clashing one.

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