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Notre Dame Receives Millions of Dollars in Donations From France’s Fashion Billionaires


When the fireplace broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral the day before this at around 6:30 P.M. Neighborhood time, vacationers and onlookers were ushered out of and far from the construction. By the time the nighttime became over, the catastrophic damage had already been completed. Hundreds of years of artistry and artwork—including the cathedral’s iconic spire and stained glass—have been destroyed via a hearth whose origins remain unknown. Now that the place has reportedly primarily been contained, the question of

whether or not or no longer a building that broke the floor nearly 1,000 years ago may be stored or reconstructed is still unanswerable. , French President Emmanuel Macron announced his promise to rebuild Notre Dame and “will call upon the best capabilities” of France to store the landmark. It would seem that the maximum powerful billionaires in the style enterprise see this as a gap to keep a bit of French cultural history by pledging to donate tens of millions of dollars to assist with the cathedral’s reconstruction.

Notre Dame Receives Millions of Dollars in Donations From France's Fashion Billionaires 1

As the CEO of Kering, the luxury goods conglomerate that owns Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Gucci, François-Henri Pinault, also referred to as Salma Hayek’s husband, offered a pronounced $113 million to assist in rebuilding Notre Dame. Pinault launched a declaration concerning his donation thru the Kering Group’s Twitter account. “The Notre-Dame tragedy moves all French human beings, all people with nonsecular values and those who care approximately history and tradition. Faced with this tragedy, my father [François Pinault] and I even have decided to make contributions to the finances needed to fully rebuild Notre Dame de Paris to carry this jewel of our heritage returned to lifestyles as soon as feasible,” he stated.

Pinault’s multimillion-euro donation was wasted by the LVMH chairman, Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault, who has now pledged a pronounced $226 million (or 200 million euros) to help rebuild the cathedral. LVMH—the biggest luxurious items conglomerate within the international—released an announcement via Twitter outlining its pledge to help reconstruct “a fundamental part of the history of France.” “In the meantime, the LVMH Group places at the disposal of the nation and the relevant government all its groups—which includes creative, architectural, and monetary experts—to assist with the lengthy paintings of reconstructing and fund-raising, that is already in development,” the announcement says.

Meanwhile, L’Oreal, a French business enterprise and the world’s largest cosmetics emblem has promised $226 million alongside the Bettencourt Meyers circle of relatives, its largest shareholders, and the charitable Bettencourt Schueller foundation. That totals over half one billion dollars from the who’s who of the USA’s

fashion and splendor sphere already. The luxurious magnates aren’t the most effective international residents to express their sadness concerning the Notre Dame fireplace. Luminaries worldwide have answered on social media: Pope Francis issued an announcement urging solidarity with France thru Twitter, and even Mayor Pete Buttigieg shared a message of gratitude to Parisians (in French). Hayek’s Instagram account is already flooded with comments thanking her and Pinault for the donation to the reconstruction venture of the cathedral.

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