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The frame positivity motion modified my life however style manufacturers still aren’t doing enough


Londoner Antonia Jade uses her online platforms to inspire body confidence and self-love. The 23-year-old vlogger speaks overtly and at once to her target audience, reinforcing one essential message; you are lovely no matter what. On her YouTube, she talks approximately her experiences developing with low confidence and feeling like an outcast due to her size. As part of a yr-lengthy challenge with style logo COLLUSION, Antonia is documenting a wealth of frame-positivity, her passion for inclusive fashion, her revolutionary fashion, and her choice to make a trade. Here, she opens up solely to Glamour about her struggles, body shape, and what brands want to do to reveal genuine inclusivity.

The frame positivity motion modified my life however style manufacturers still aren't doing enough 1

I have always struggled with my body photograph from as young as I could. Don’t forget; I’ve constantly been bigger than my friends my whole life. I’ve usually felt inferior and less appealing because of my body size. I would handiest ever wear black, unfastened-fitting garments because I believed it’d make me appear slimmer. I much wanted to blend in with the historical past and now not be visible.

I remember in school, it changed into my garments day, and you needed to come wearing yellow, and I wore all black head to toe and yellow socks because the notion of sporting colorings could convey me near having a panic attack. My friends and classmates laughed at me all day for sporting all-black, and I wanted to curl up in a ball and disappear. I cried myself to sleep that night and repeatedly asked myself why I couldn’t just be slender every day like all and sundry else.

I still get emotional while speaking approximately my weight and my journey because it is a massive part of my existence that I battle with, granted now not as much as I used to. Still, one’s self-hating thoughts and feelings creep back in often. The desire to be narrow took over my life. Losing weight became the best issue on my mind 24/7; even if I had misplaced weight, which led to disordered consumption and tension, I still became obsessed with being as slim as possible.

That all modified when I came across the frame positivity hashtag on Instagram three years ago; I felt like I had finally come home. Seeing girls of all specific shapes, sizes, and races put on bikinis (which I used to consider changed into socially unlawful for plus-sized ladies) and breaking ridiculous fashion stereotypes and regulations that society has imprisoned plus-length girls with was exhilarating and comforting. Unfortunately, that’s not represented within the mainstream media and inside brands.

You recognize that many people want to put on crop tops and bikinis too! I like brands and the mainstream media to honestly capture the authentic range of the body positivity movement and the real beauty, self-assurance, and content of fashion styles that plus-length ladies have, in place of branding us as insecure, self-loathing and trying to hide our bodies beneath black floral smock dresses.,

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