Samsung Galaxy S10 Starter Kit: Cases, chargers, greater add-ons [Video]


To date, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are the most luxurious Galaxy S devices in Samsung’s history. To that case, you’ll in all likelihood want to hold your new Galaxy S10 safe with some add-ons. To get you started out, right here are more than one cases, a pinnacle-notch display screen protector, and a couple of chargers for your new device.
Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S10
Out of the container, each unmarried Galaxy S10 and S10+ gives up a display protector. It’s installed flawlessly and actually feels excellent, however, it’s additionally made of plastic and could get scratched up quite quick. Unfortunately, glass protectors are quite hit or omit due to the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.
That’s where Whitestone Dome comes in. The corporation’s screen protectors are brief advice from us for maximum gadgets, but even extra so at the Galaxy S10 because they’re one of the few options that truly work with the Galaxy S10. As consistent with regular with Whitestone, the Galaxy S10 glass display screen protector takes gain of a liquid set up to make sure there aren’t any bubbles and also you’ll get a great set up regardless of curved glass. The installation approach is tedious, however in case you follow instructions, it’s also quite a good deal foolproof.
There’s a hefty charge tag in tow, even though. You’ll fork over $ forty-nine .99 for an unmarried protector, however, there’s additionally a two-percent that takes the price all the way down to approximately $35 a bit.

Urban Armor Gear is a pretty famous name inside the case enterprise, and they’ve no longer skipped the Galaxy S10 own family. Back with its classic commercial design, UAG offers a collection of instances for Samsung’s new flagships and I’ve been the usage of the Monarch and Plasma cases and they’re an outstanding suit for this device.
Without including an awful lot bulk, UAG gives the Galaxy S10 excellent drop protection and plenty of more grip too. Buttons are tactile and the lip around the show offers room for a display protector, as well as area off the floor if you positioned the smartphone face down.

An old favored has additionally returned with the Galaxy S10. If you’ve been a large Android fan for years, you may keep in mind the Bugdroid instances from the parents at Cruzerlite. Those instances had been popular back within the early days of Google’s Nexus devices, in particular, however, a family tragedy concerning a deadly car crash closes the commercial enterprise down for quite a while. Now, that hiatus is over and Cruzerlite is back.
As with the vintage favorites, you may pick out up a Galaxy S10 case with the Bugdroid design to get an easy TPU case that adds grip and protection on your device. It’s now not as sizeable because the UAG case, but for under $10, it’s absolutely a really first-class little case. Personally, I love the blue shade variant but several options are available. These cases are offered solely on Amazon.

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