The different forms, Usage, and Medical Benefits of Marijuana


Millions of people have since embraced marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes. It’s one of the most commonly used illegal drugs in the United States. However, some states are now legalizing or drumming up support for its legalization. Marijuana treats cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, and many other infections. It’s also a recreational drug; you can buy it from any reputed cannabis dispensary.


Recreational marijuana vs. Medical Marijuana- what are the differences?

Recreational marijuana contains higher levels of THC than its medical counterpart. It makes users feel high and happy. On the other hand, medical weed has higher amounts of CBD and isn’t associated with the high you get when smoking recreational cannabis. You can easily buy medical marijuana from a cannabis store, but you must have a qualifying condition to use medical marijuana.

How is marijuana used?

You can use marijuana in various forms. You can smoke it dry, shred flowers, leaves, and stems, and smoke it like a cigarette or pipe. You can as well mix it with food or brew it with tea. There are also more concentrated forms of cannabis known as hashish. It has high amounts of THC and is usually pressed to look like tiny bits of chocolate. You can put hashish in a regular cigar and smoke.

What are the symptoms of cannabis use? You’re likely to feel happy and relaxed after smoking marijuana. The use of cannabis is also associated with increased appetite and loss of coordination, which can affect driving. You’re also likely to suffer from anxiety, panic, and excessive worry with continued use of cannabis.

What are the medical uses of marijuana?

Marijuana is useful in the treatment of different ailments. It’s administered to ease pain and inflammation associated with chronic infections like cancer and arthritis. Here are some of its uses;

  • Arthritis relief

Arthritis is associated with a lot of pain and inflammation. Marijuana is widely used in the treatment of arthritis. And this is because it helps alleviate inflammation that comes with the disease. What’s more? Cannabis relieves pain and promotes better sleep or distress in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

  • Treatment of epileptic seizures

Cannabis is rich in THC, which is renowned for its relaxation properties. It helps manage epileptic seizures, and the high levels of CBD in the drug also have a role to play. Most CBD drugs the FDS has sanctioned are widely used to alleviate epilepsy symptoms. 

  • Cancer treatment

Medical marijuana is useful in cancer therapy. In most cases, it’s used in cases where conventional medications don’t bear the desired results. Cannabis helps with nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy.

Is there a Cannabis Dispensary Near Me? To get medical cannabis for cancer treatment, you need a prescription from your doctor, but you can buy recreational cannabis in a physical store or online. There are different legit cannabis stores, and you can get one through an online search.

Final thoughts

Cannabis is used as a recreational drug but is also administered to treat various ailments. However, some regulations govern the use of the drug. You can get recreational cannabis from a cannabis dispensary near you. To get high-quality commodities, buy cannabis products from a licensed cannabis store.

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