The Best four/20 Online Deals on Cannabis Accessories in 2019


four/20 is a super time for deals on all things cannabis, including add-ons. In coaching for the holiday, take a look at out our listing of a number of the exceptional online offers for bongs, pipes, dab gear, and greater. You don’t even have to depart the residence!

Don’t overlook to test out our listing of collaborating dispensaries who are providing fantastic deals on cannabis merchandise via Leafly Pickup, and make sure to #findyour420 for the vacation.

Celebrate this year’s 4/20 with a modern day 15” tall beaker bong from 420science.Com. This piece functions a 7mm thick borosilicate beaker layout with a four” base and color accents. The subtle glass-on-glass downstem houses a 14mm woman slide that is best to your favored well-known bowl portions and attachments. This song also features a 3-pronged ice catcher so you can hold cool in the course of those hot summer season smoke classes.

If you’re seeking out a transportable glass-on-glass bubbler with a unique layout and first-rate capability, this GRAV Helix three-in-1 set featured on dankgeek.Com is best for you! Whether you’re seeking out a bubbler with a classic functionality or need to mix it up and use the rig as a spoon, this multi-set has you covered. The piece’s different Venturi Chamber attachment creates a wild helix swirling action when used with water, supplying you with top class diffusion with a cool aesthetic.

With a forward-thinking design, the Hydrology9 vaporizer boasts a liquid filtration system so you will have easy vapes. Made with borosilicate glass, its robust design received’t leak on you, and it also has heating manage gadget to give you a smooth and steady temperature. An LED inside the chamber will mild up your vapes, and it also comes with a leather carrying case for taking it to your buddy’s vicinity.

For a quite depended on and premium carb cap, test out Highly Educated on brotherswithglass.Com. This titanium ParTiCap is designed to suit all Highly Educated dabber equipment and is the right size for popular-to-large nails. Featuring a ribbed cylindrical layout and a further large directional airflow hole for an easy smoking revel in, this tool is the proper associate for any social dabber seeking out a practical cap to percentage with friends. Remember, constantly cap your dabs.

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