Old Navy’s Summer 2019 Accessories Are Fruity, Fun & Under $40


Sweater weather is out of here as temperatures rise and apparel layers are shed. Now that you’ve saved most of your jackets, hoodies, and other layering portions in anticipation of summertime, it’s time to build your warm climate add-ons dresser with pieces with a view to % a punch. Old Navy’s summer season accessories are clean, fruity, and underneath $forty. They may even offer fun improvements in your OOTD.

From adorable beach coolers to bikini baggage, fruit-fashioned pouches, and statement sandals in brilliant sunglasses, the retailer offers many cute and colorful pieces to spruce up your summertime closet and holiday apparel. A lot of these accessories will immediately elicit an “OMG! Where did you get that?”

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, You can stock up on numerous bags or sandals without breaking the bank. That keeps the commitment stage extraordinarily low. You can put on these portions until the autumn, after which you save them for the subsequent yr. Response out of your fellow fashion-minded friends when you rock them, seeing that they may be today’s, seasonal, and low-priced. Or you may bypass them alongside a budding fashionista on your existence. There is likewise the option to resell if they’re in lightly used condition. Or you can toss them if you’ve worn them into the floor and, in the end, get your cash’s well-worth. That’s the beauty of rapid style.

Below are eight summer add-ons to scope out and scoop up at Old Navy.

After an extended day of absorbing the sun and frolicking within the waves at the seaside, you may toss your wet and sandy suit on this adorable pouch. You can repurpose it for carrying essentials, too. There are several options for summery photographs. It’s time to ditch that ratty canvas sack you use while going from side to side. Replace it with this top deal with a lemon rind tote. The joyful shade and cute shape are brought bonuses.

It’ll look darling when dangling from your arm. These double-strap slides are available in neutrals like gray and black and bright sun shades like beetroot and mustard. You can wear them with an LBD, destroyed jean shorts, or bathing healthy. Only one element is for sure — you’ll be residing all summer long. You want to preserve your essentials clean and dry when lounging through the pool. Load this pinnacle zip bag with lip balm, sunscreen, water-resistant mascara, and other small valuables, and tuck it into your essential tote.

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