New add-ons for Royal Enfield Classic 350 & 500 unveiled: Prices start from Rs. 600


Royal Enfield has begun presenting various accessories for the Classic motorcycle variety. The accent list’s pricing starts offevolved from Rs. Six hundred handlebar brace pads and goes as much as Rs. 10,000 for the machined alloy wheels kit. The great deal loved and equally hated emblem has indexed all the add-ons available for the Classic collection on its internet site. Classic 350 or Classic 500 can get them fitted from the showrooms, while new shoppers can get them geared up earlier than taking the delivery of the motorcycle.

New add-ons for Royal Enfield Classic 350 & 500 unveiled: Prices start from Rs. 600 1
One of the most important highlights of the accent is p.C. It is the fashionable machined alloy wheels for the Classic range, which retail at Rs. 10,000. This is a good option for folks who want to improve their rims but aren’t glad about the aftermarket products. These alloys also include a 2-year warranty.

Talking approximately the opposite add-ons, Royal Enfield supplies accessories in diverse segments like safety, controls, bodywork, luggage, and engine. The journeying seats for riders and passengers are priced at Rs. 2 hundred fifty and Rs. 1,850, respectively. The handguard kit can be sold for Rs. 2,2 hundred while the rear baggage rack may be offered for Rs. 2 four hundred. The pannier mounting kits to the left and proper are priced at Rs.1,600 and Rs.1, two hundred respectively. A pair of soft navy panniers is priced at Rs. 5,500 and will be in black and brown paint sun shades. Regarding seats, the rider’s low seat is priced at Rs.1,800,

while the seat covers are priced at Rs. Seven hundred for the rider and Rs.850 for the rider plus the passenger. Then come the diverse types of engine bars and crash guards, which begin from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,750. The windshield embellisher kit is priced at Rs.1,500, while the clean windshield is priced at Rs. Five,000. Further, an elegant number defend is available for Rs. 1,850 and adds a chic contact on your motorcycle.

Moving on, the headlamp grille is priced at Rs.1,2 hundred. It is similar to the manufacturing unit that is geared up at the currently launched Royal Enfield Bullet Trials. They deliver an extra butch look to the motorcycle and shield the headlamp from shattering via any direct impact.  There are two options of machined oil filler caps, priced at Rs. 775, with the distinction being their shade. One of them is silver, while the other is black.+

Other options for the accent package include a waterproof body cowl in blue and black priced at Rs. 900 and Rs.975, respectively. Machined front reservoir caps may be offered for Rs. 675 in three color schemes. All of these add-ons are made to be made by using the company itself, not to void any guarantee or create hassle with the RTO. While reading the title, you could have contemplated that the Hyundai Verna and the Ford Aspire are each sedans from one-of-a-kind segments. One is a large C-section sedan.

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