ALEPEL, The New Artistic Accessories Label To Know


Adriana Epelboim-Levy loves all matters of architecture, fashion, and shoes related. It’s only natural for her to mix these loves, so in 2014, these artfully amalgamated to shape her logo, ALEPEL.

Undoubtedly, her designs, which have become founded on shoes and have advanced into handbags, are made via an attraction to the innovative soul. Intricate and taken into consideration, whether you are inside the market for their slip-on mules or a handbag, every piece is lovingly hand-painted with care and refinement. And don’t forget to test out their today’s collaboration with Insta gal Rocky Barnes for a line that represents “the splendor of circle of relatives and the bonds of affection.”

ALEPEL, The New Artistic Accessories Label To Know 1

Felicity Carter: What was your first elegant reminiscence?

I spent my formative years in Venezuela, and someday, my grandmother opened her antique fashion closet and let me pick out my favorite portions to take with me. Seeing most of these old, stunning attire from the ’60s, I understood ther’60sd been a unique splendor at the back of timeless style that captivated me. I could apply my creativity to reconstruct pieces to cause them to the wearable. I understood the use of materials and the strength of minimalism. My first-class hobby turned into preserving the nature of the clothes and preserving them intact. By using minimal elements, they became my masterpieces.

FC: What lured you into the industry?

AEL: I went to Architecture School in New York City at Pratt Institute. I always appreciated Architecture as a discipline. The architecture permits the designer to translate into a made of any scale. From buildings to footwear, there’s so much commonathere’song the design method of each industry. There is a manner of conceptualizing, formulating a production mechanism, finalizing a structure, and considering capability.

Fashion has continually been a passion for me; being in NYC allowed me to be near the scene, supporting Fashion Week Shows and being a part of Photo Shoots running in retail. I had the possibility to paint in the industry in view of my innovative beginnings. Soon after I graduated from Architecture School, I decided to join a Footwear Design program at the prestigious Milan-primarily based Fashion School, Ars Sutoria. I worked in their NYC-based software to hone my capabilities further.

FC: Why accessories? What is it approximately them that you love so much? AEL: Accessories don’t have any limits. don’taccentuate normal clothing to make an assertion. They are a reflection of your character. While garments say the whole thing approximately your man or woman’s fashion, accessories are the pieces that take private style to the next level. They are communication pieces, as properly.

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