Accessories bill again in play


WASHINGTON – A invoice that could suspend aggressive bidding pricing for add-ons for complicated rehab guide wheelchairs for 18 months is back on the books inside the House of Representatives.

Reps. John Larson, D-Conn., and Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., delivered H.R. 2293, which might also completely exempt complex rehab guide wheelchairs from the bid program, on April 12, supported using 21 of their colleagues.
“Because an invoice has been delivered earlier in the 12 months and due to the fact a similar invoice handed by voice vote remaining year, we’re assured we will get it via the House,” stated Seth Johnson, senior vice president of presidency affairs for Pride Mobility Products. “Then that gives the Senate more time to do what it wishes to do to get it passed there, too.”

Late remaining yr, H.R. 7217, a larger bill that included add-ons language, stalled within the Senate at the eleventh hour. The invoice passed within the House 400-eleven.
The method for H.R. 2293 is similar to preceding versions of the invoice: First, exempt complicated rehab manual wheelchairs from the bid software; then use the 18-month reprieve to move returned to CMS for an everlasting policy exchange for accessories.
“Once we’ve hooked up that complicated rehab guide wheelchairs are exempt from the bid application, it makes for a less difficult and more potent argument for add-ons,” stated Don Clayback, executive director of NCART.

Stakeholders accept as true that the House will pass H.R. 2293, either as a standalone bill or as part of a larger bill, in the “short term.”
“It’s a small and centered bill, and it’s been completely vetted,” Clayback stated.
Stakeholders also count on having a similar bill delivered inside the Senate in time for the complicated rehab industry’s annual lobbying day on May 2.

“We’re watching for that on April 30,” Johnson stated.
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