Modelling and Glamour

We discovered Eating With My Ex celebrity Jodie on Instagram – dive into her modelling, song and TV profession


The first episode kicked off the new BBC series with a dramatic bang, supplying visitors the spotlight of Eating With My Ex Jodie.

She became given the risk of sitting down with her 27-12 months-antique ex Jason, a rapper and musician.

It becomes merely a new date, and Jodie changed into considerate and fascinating at some point. Let’s get to recognize her.

Jodie is 26 and has already completed a lot. You can take a look at her many ventures over on her Instagram: @missjodieweston.

She already has an outstanding 34.8k followers!

Let’s take a look at her huge-ranging profession.

It was made apparent at the show that Jodie was a splendor salon proprietor.

However, she has loads more aces up her sleeve…

It looks as if her ex wasn’t the only one within the relationship to pursue the craft.

She is likewise a DJ. You can find her on SoundCloud at m.Soundcloud.Com/JodieWeston.

Rather than rap, Jodie’s SoundCloud features quite several House tracks. Be sure to test it out!

It looks as if Eating With My Ex isn’t Jodie’s most straightforward claim to TV fame.

She has additionally regarded on the likes of Channel five’s “Rich Kids Go Skint” and also MTV’s “Fired By Mum & Dad.”

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