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12 Best Silk Pillowcases for Your Hair and Skin


If you’re a female of shade (like me!), you’re in all likelihood already used to dozing with a satin/silk headscarf or bonnet at night time. But, in case you’re new to the game and trying to preserve your blow out, hold your twist out, or simply save you some untimely great strains (sorry, however, cotton isn’t doing you any favors), it is probably time to treat your self to a silk pillowcase.

Why silk? “Your pores and skin can’t slide in opposition to cotton-like it could go with silk, so cotton pillowcases can, in reality, create crepe-ing on your face due to traction,” says licensed aesthetician Brit Lanier. “Plus, sound asleep on silk facilitates retain moisture in both your hair and skin,” she adds, which means that smoother, much less-tangled, and greater hydrated hair for you. So to ensure that not anything comes between you and your splendor sleep, strive for the sort of 12 top-rated pillowcases underneath.

This exceptional-promoting pillowcase is a favorite of celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Kerry Washington—and, gotta say, their pores and skin seem precise. Though napping in your again is the first-class position to help stave off wrinkles (if that’s what you are seeking to do), facet and belly sleepers can “cowl their pillow with a silk pillowcase to decrease friction,” says NYC-based total dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, MD.
Created with the aid of Donna Hinds Gaynor (a 20+ yr veteran inside the design and fabric enterprise), Branché’s extremely-luxe silk pillowcases are commonly discovered in top spas and lodges across the globe. Thankfully, you can also get fancy without leaving your bedroom with this Charmeuse case.

Not most effective do silk pillowcases help save you frizz and breakage, but additionally, they shield your hair from dropping natural oils, which might be frequently zapped up by way of drying cotton cases. Basically, your curly hair desires to curly hair desire this case.

This top-notch-soft pillowcase is based on silk’s natural fibers to help protect your skin (and hair) from undesirable tugging at some point of the night. Plus, how lovable is that this fun print?!

This pillowcase is fabricated from 19 momme silk (word: Momme is the silk’s weight, and, just like thread counts, higher is better. 19 is right within the center), making it an inexpensive but luxe alternative if you’re no longer sure you want to make the investment just but. “This case is 100 percent mulberry silk, so I wake up with frizz-unfastened and bedhead-loose curls, even if I visit bed with my hair wet,” says hairstylist Paige Teixeira of Minx Salon & Spa in Loomis, California.

This mulberry-silk case has a bit hidden zipper enclosure that helps you to zip it around your pillow for additional protection against allergens. And the good thing about slumbering on an all-black cast? You can use your thickest face creams and shiniest oils and by no means fear approximately leaving a stain.

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