Photographer Puts Diversity Of Girls’ Choices, Beauty Into Sharper Focus


NEW YORK – An Alabama photographer is spreading the message of what it means to be a little girl and an athlete. Some call a series of viral photos “sugar and spice,” according to CBS2’s Christine Mitchell.
Heather Mitchell is a mom to two daughters and owns an image business. It took one verbal exchange at her 8-12 months-antique daughter’s softball exercise to encourage an idea that could resonate with hundreds of humans around the arena. “I just desire that Paislee learns to love the game this year; this is her first year. I feel like she’s athletic,” said Mitchell. It becomes some other mom’s response that leaves her feeling unsettled.
“‘Ahhh, she’s no longer athletic. She’s a girly woman,” stated Mitchell.

Photographer Puts Diversity Of Girls’ Choices, Beauty Into Sharper Focus 1

“I like to get dressed up in excessive heels and fancy dresses, but I additionally love to play softball,” said daughter Paislee. “That night, I kept considering it and playing it repeatedlyy head, and I thought, whythought does she must choose? Why can’t she be both?” stated her mother.

Heather Mitchell Photography (credit: HMP Couture Imagery) She will be each. And Heather confirmed the world with photographs in which women didn’t ought to choose. The snapshots and their message went viral.
“Just crushed that we have this voice to mention ‘you, little female, can do it,'” she said. “Nobody can tell you-you may do it.” Now with a platform to stand on, Heather had to percentage more.

“We had several feedback on our first put up that we didn’t have diversity,” she said. “But it was paid sessions, and it wasn’t fashioned that we selected. So these days, we get to select.’ In a comply with-up photograph shoot, girls of all kinds got together to expose every person how hard they can be.

Mitchell’s message is that whether or not you’re a bit woman adopted out of the foster machine, born with a partial arm, or even preventing cancer, women from all walks of life may be beautiful athletes. “Whatever life has thrown at you, there are no limits,” she stated. Mitchell says she failed her pictures magnificence in college; howeve,r now, she’s booked for the following three months.

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