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A former worker of Flaunt Magazine, which describes itself as a “satirical subculture and style magazine,” suites the editor-in-leader Matthew Bedard and CEO Luis Barajas for sexual harassment, sexual battery, and several different place of business violations, consistent with Vice News.

Joseph Dalla Betta, who uses them by way of them/they pronouns, instructed Vice News that whilst they had been employed at L.A.-based Flaunt in 2018 as Luis Barajas’s personal assistant, Bedard and Barajas commenced harassing them.
According to the lawsuit, Dalla Betta recalled several instances while Barajas touched them inappropriately. During a commercial enterprise trip to Las Vegas in August 2018, 25-12 months-old Dalla Betta alleges that Barajas insisted they sleep in his mattress and tried to kiss them. Eventually, Dalla Betta pretended to go to sleep. Then, in keeping with Dalla Betta, Barajas started to masturbate Dalla Betta before masturbating himself.

“At that point, I simply realized it become wrong,” Dalla Betta told Vice News approximately the alleged Las Vegas assault. “But at the same time, I nevertheless felt it turned into a sort of a part of the task — something, like, I had to take delivery of so one can hold there.”
Dalla Beta reportedly informed a companion editor at Flaunt, Andie Eisen, about the incident, who showed the details to Vice News.

When Dalla Betta first began operating at Flaunt in early 2018, they were instructed that the magazine, which became based in 1998 and prints six troubles each year, turned into a “casual office.” They said they had been exceeded a pamphlet approximately the organization, which described it as “provocative and featured a modern and liberal attitude. Please be aware that this isn’t your regular ‘office enjoy.’”
In October 2018, Dalla Betta stated that Matthew Bedard kissed him at a Flaunt celebration — then slapped him in the face three times. The lawsuit alleges that “Bedard regarded to be very intoxicated and probably underneath the effect of cocaine or some other drug.”

Eisen, alongside every other employee named Jake Harrison, says that they witnessed the birthday party incident. She attempted to stop Bedard, but he pulled away, “I stated, ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ because I turned into standing proper there,” Eisen told Vice News. “I ought to see Joey become trying to simply hold it collectively.”
Dalla Betta end Flaunt in December 2018 after other colleagues spoke to them about approximately similar stories on the agency. “At that factor, I just — I cracked,” Dalla Betta stated.

According to the lawsuit, Dalla Betta confronted Barajas, and Bedard faced proceedings approximately the office tradition before they left. “I know that we blend professional and personal relationships in this office, and if we need to split the one’s relationships from here on out, we can try this,” Barajas allegedly stated, in line with the fit. “We will stop doing cocaine with the interns.” Dalla Betta is seeking unspecified damages.
Barajas and Bedard have not addressed the allegations and declined Vice News’ request for a remark. The Cut has reached out as properly and will update if we listen back.

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