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Who Wore It Best? Fans Have a Hard Time Choosing Whether ‘LHHNY’ Star JuJu or Kash Doll Won This Look


Both celebs have been noticed carrying the precise equal purple thigh-excessive wool boots with plaid designs from Y / Project. The footwear retails at $1,519, characteristic of a Gothic grandeur style made from leather-based and purple-and-inexperienced checked tartan wool.

Castaneda paired her boots with an olive-inexperienced camo jumpsuit from Zamar Lewis, decorated with leopard and plaid patching. She accessorized her ensemble with a black Chanel bag retailing around $1,490, gold plated bracelets, a custom-designed gold necklace with her “JuJu” on it, and black Versace oversized sunglasses. She also opted for a full glam makeup appearance, including an ambitious cranberry lip. The reality superstar captioned the image of herself.

“Ice Me Out” rapper Kash Doll wore an edgy but elegant look. She donned her Y/Project boots, black Fashion Nova jeans, and a Versace multi-colored bralette. She accessorized her attire with a plaid beret almost identically matching her footwear, oversized hoop earrings, a diamond-studded necklace, and a diamond ring and bracelet that spelled her name. She wrote in her Instagram caption, “When u have a Black Barbie Doll, u play dress up.”

Fans went GaGa over both celebs’ fashion looks and spewed who they concept wore the boots pleasantly.

“Kash Doll did it higher 😍 .. JuJu got too many styles but still lovely,” one Instagram consumer wrote.

“I love both. However, Kash set it off with the beret 😩!!” another user exclaimed, siding with Kash.

Other oldsters stated Castaneda won the look, arms down.

“Both women look precise, but ima should provide it to JuJu,” said one fan.

Another delivered, “Hands down, JuJu! I like Kash, but JuJu took this one ❤️.”

A fence-sitter turned off by way of the styling of the boots voted “neither.”

“These boots,, aren’t they? So imma go along with neither.”

Who Wore It Best? Fans Have a Hard Time Choosing Whether ‘LHHNY’ Star JuJu or Kash Doll Won This Look 1

Castaneda, who’s been on “LHHNY” for almost five seasons, believes in staying fit and in shape to put on the fashions she dreams. Since 2017, she opted to eliminaeliminateAT and processed ingredients, in conjunction with exercise” and lost a total total. Her predominant objective changed to transition into a more healthy way of life. “I didn’t make this lifestyle change entirely for my bodily look,” Castaneda wrote on her Instagram in September 2017. “I made these modifications for my ordinary better health.”

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