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The Stories Behind Cardi B’s Boldest Beauty Looks – Straight from Her Pros


We can usually believe Cardi B to head above and past in terms of her hair and makeup. But thanks to her hairstylist and MUA, Tokyo Stylez, and Erika La’Pearl, are how all her money seems to come to lifestyles! We can handiest believe what it’s like to paintings with the rapper, but the duo glam squad shared with PEOPLE their favored element about being a part of her group.

Tokyo Stylez: “Her crazy power and they are the nicest. I by no means recognize what I’m gonna get whilst we work together. I love operating together with her!”
Erika La’Pearl: “She’s humorous as hell. All she gotta do is tell me what she’s carrying, and I do my thing. And I love that she shall we I do whatever I want. And occasionally I don’t know what she’s carrying, and I do my component, and it constantly comes collectively.”

Whenever I put on a defensive fashion–like my contemporary container braids–the primary query that pops into my head after approximately the third or fourth week of sporting them is, “what causes product buildup and how do I do away with it as soon as possible?” This is the inevitable downside of having hair duration. The gunky stuff that gets caught beneath your fingernails whilst you cross in for an itch (gross, I understand) will show up at one factor or some other.

The apparent culprit behind this unlucky reoccurrence is that we’re going in our products, layering manner an excessive amount, and forgetting that it piles up and hardens through the years. And while a scalp rinse and scrub can feel like a godsend (here’s my contemporary fave), I’d rather prevent the hassle altogether than deal with it later through an onerous amount of trial-and-mistakes. As with most of my splendor conundrums, I stored myself a Google search and, as a substitute, consulted with experts who sincerely recognize what they speak me approximately.
As it seems, there are 3 very particular–and in my opinion, sudden–matters we retain to overlook when it comes to product buildup.

The Clarifying Shampoo Scam

Okay, so this one hurt to study as someone who takes a couple of warm yoga training per week and nearly constantly has her hair in a shielding fashion; clarifying formulation was a regular part of my recurring. But in step with Dr. Jill Fichtel, founding father of Nashville’s Transformative Dermatology, and Dr. Matthew J Zirwas, clarifying shampoos are mainly a marketing claim designed to get you to buy an extra bottle of shampoo. One word: WOMP.

“Even if they do have cleansing dealers which can be more potent than everyday shampoo, the risk of tense your scalp might outweigh the advantages,” they said. “If you certainly simply can’t stay without clarifying shampoo, try to use it to wash the hair that isn’t close to your scalp so you can normally keep away from getting the shampoo to your scalp.” Phew, so I oughtn’t to pass the bloodless turkey. Noted.

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