‘PRECIOUS HOUSE’ opens new showroom for clubs and accessories


‘PRECIOUS HOUSE,’ the topmost provider of golf equipment and accessories in Sri Lanka, opened its new showroom this morning (Saturday) at 125 Model Farm Road, Colombo eight.
With a wider show of golfing gadgets and accessories, the showroom is near the island’s reputed Royal Colombo Golf Club, or nicely known by its abbreviation RCGC.

With the firm perception that for a successful adventure, one desires to begin small, even as aiming at the stars, ‘PRECIOUS HOUSE’ has reached a reasonably solid role within the golfing circle of the island kingdom. Starting small, purchasing devices and add-ons locally and retailing to the golfers on you. S .’s most popular and long-standing golfing path and membership, the RCGC, ‘PRECIOUS HOUSE’ efficaciously brought another showroom with superior centers and showed to cater to the golfing fans.

The encouragement and assistance of the discerning golfers, both local and foreign, made ‘PRECIOUS HOUSE’ boldly assignment into uploading from reputed and depended-on suppliers, starting with Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. The guide, encouragement, and well-timed recommendation from the suppliers made them cross and upload new names and suppliers to their product variety and enlarge their services to clients.

Today, ‘PRECIOUS HOUSE’ represents some of the sector’s pleasant manufacturers in golfing, like Srixon, Cleaveland Golf, XXIO, Crestline, Skyline Sunglasses, Miyasaki, and so on.
While making to be had pleasant golfing gadgets and accessories for its clients at competitive prices, ‘PRECIOUS HOUSE’ also undertakes related offerings which encompass the subsequent:
Providing company products customized in line with the customers’ specs.
Printing of Logos etc. On golf balls, caps, t-shirts, golfing add-ons, or similar gadgets.
Providing other unique objects or souvenirs with customers’ options and specifications.
Event management and dealing with whole tournaments.

Repairs to golfing equipment include adjustments like lie perspective, membership finishing, etc. With the usage of the technically correct gadget. Providing demonstrations and practice periods, education centers, and so on. To golfers in Sri Lanka. ‘PRECIOUS HOUSE’ also offers help to up-coming golfers, especially the teens, to forge in advance in the sport of golf while hoping to mission a long way and wider in attempts to make golfing satisfying, simpler, and a maximum of all low-priced to all players, particularly those in Sri Lanka.

With a project ‘To offer the pleasant in equipment, add-ons, and services to the golfing fanatics and experts and supply them the delight of a pleasing and true recreation; inspire the youth to enter the sport and tread the direction to becoming experts in the game, ‘PRECIOUS HOUSE’ has a vision of being the pinnacle and fundamental supplier of the golfing device, add-ons and offerings in Sri Lanka to inspire extra Sri Lankans towards the sport and attain worldwide standards. Also, to dispel the myth that golf is a ‘costly’ sport confined to the best echelons of society, imparting the whole lot at less costly expenses to the regular would-be golfer.

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