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Mum Horrified After Four-Year-Old Chops Hair Into Mullet-Style Do


A mum turned into left, horrified when she located her daughter had cut off her long blonde hair, leaving in the back of a mullet-style hairdo.

Serena Rose changed into completely taken aback after her four-year-vintage daughter Alexis was given maintain of a pair of scissors converted her long blonde locks into a chaotic reduction in a count number of mins.

The 28-year-old, from Drenthe, Netherlands, had despatched her toddler off to her grandparent’s house for a sleepover again however turned into devastated while she returned, searching thoroughly one of a kind.

Serena stated Alexis become only left by myself for a few minutes when the horror haircut passed off. With just a few alternatives, she decided to shave off her daughter’s hair entirely for you to eliminate the mullet.

Serena, who works at a zoo, said: “I’d merely despatched Alexis off to her grandparent’s house for the night time for a sleepover.

“The following morning, I got a name from them telling me that she had controlled to reduce all of her hair off.

“I concept they have been joking. But then I realized they weren’t, and it was sincerely happening.

“She had were given a preserve of a pair of scissors and directly went loopy. It all came about in a be counted of minutes.

“There becomes blonde hair everywhere in the house. They were greatly surprised.

“At first, I notion it became humorous, but then I changed into mad as she knows better than to try this. Then I felt heartbroken as we were growing her hair to see you later.

“You can not assist, however giggle although at the mullet. It’s quite a unique look.”

Serena thinks the teenager may are becoming the idea after looking at her mother getting her hair cut on the salon earlier that week.

And even as she has gotten used to her daughter’s new hairdo, the mother stated it ‘still stings’ when she sees a vintage image of Alexis’s long blonde hair.

She stated: “She had been sitting with me when I was given my hair cut some days beforehand, and I think she just wanted to play hairdresser too.

“She became disenchanted while it came about and instantly regretted it. But we strive and style her new quick hair with hairbands and such things as that.

“I get pretty sad after I see old photographs of her long hair; it was so that stunning. It nevertheless stings.

“I hope she has learned a lesson from what happened and could now not be doing something like that again.

“Of path, I nevertheless inform her she is beautiful no matter what she seems to like. I don’t assume she suits a mullet.”

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